Plan for 3-Year Emergency Shelter in San Pedro Approved by Board of Supervisors

Central SP NC board member James Preston Allen joins LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn with faith and business groups to support the 8th street shelter project that was proposed by the CeSPNC HOMELESSNESS COMMITTEE at the recent meeting. This resolution was unanimously approved on Jan. 14th

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Janice Hahn’s Proposal for a Temporary Shelter in San Pedro

With the crisis on our streets, we need to get everyone into shelter as soon as we possibly can. That is why Janice Hahn has proposed a plan to use an empty County building at 8th and Beacon in downtown San Pedro as a temporary shelter for three years until they break ground on a long-term housing project at this site.

2020-01-12T19:38:50-08:00January 12th, 2020|

LA County Natural History Museum SuperProject 5

The SuperProject is a free community science program run by the Urban Nature Research Center (UNRC) at the NHMLAC. NHMLAC scientists partner with and teach participants to make nature observations using smartphones in their own neighborhoods to better understand nature in the Los Angeles area. 

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LA Sanitation Holiday Collection Schedule & Free Christmas Tree Recycling

Did you know LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN) collects Christmas trees from all homes in the City of LA? When you're done with your tree, simply remove the stand and all decorations, then place it curbside for collection. It's that easy! If you have a small tree or if you are able to cut the tree into pieces, you can place it inside the green bin.

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Supreme Court leaves cities with one option on homelessness: More housing

The U.S. Supreme Court decided against hearing an appeal of the landmark case City of Boise vs. Martin, letting stand a ruling that amounts to a broad curb on police powers in California and eight other states to stop people from sleeping on public property if no other shelter is available.

2019-12-17T15:51:24-08:00December 17th, 2019|

L.A. County Develops Action Plan for Homelessness Prevention

LA County has developed a homelessness prevention action plan based on predictive modeling research that can identify residents at high risk of becoming homeless. The new predictive model uses LA County data to predict those most likely to become homeless soon.

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