The Harbor Blvd Roadway Improvements project is in full swing and starting this Thursday and Friday nights there will be the re-striping of Harbor Blvd around 6th Street which will result in Lane Reductions at and nearby that intersection.  The intent is to have at least 1 lane in each direction open during construction of this project (please refrain from using the phrase, “road closure” – we do not intend to close the road).  Restriping of the street and the additions of K-rail will take place the nights of April 27th and 28th from 7pm to 5am resulting in lane reductions which will last for about 1 year as the reconstruction of Harbor Blvd continues.  Traffic is expected to be impacted somewhat Monday thru Friday and the most impact will occur during the weekends and especially on Sundays when Ports O’ Call and the San Pedro Fish Market are the busiest.  The Port of LA and DOT have been working on plans to lessen these impacts and I would appreciate it if you can please help us get the word out.

The graphics below will help you understand this project in greater detail.  Contact Augie Bezmalinovich with any or concerns. 310-732-3503

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