Dear Stakeholder:

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) began its transit service program over 30 years ago.  LADOT Transit now operates the second largest bus fleet in Los Angeles County (next to Metro) and serves approximately 26 million passenger trips annually. LADOT Transit operates five DASH routes in Downtown Los Angeles and 26 Community DASH routes, 14 Commuter Express routes and the senior and disabled Cityride program to meet the travel needs of city residents, workers and visitors.   Every three to five years, LADOT Transit performs a comprehensive line-by-line analysis (Transit Service Analysis) of its services to assess their performance as well as to identify unmet transportation needs in the city.

LADOT Transit has begun a new Transit Service Analysis we are calling Moving Forward…Together.  While the analysis will study technical aspects affecting route planning such as new development, demographic changes, current and potential ridership, cost effectiveness and mobility needs, a key factor in the analysis is input from riders, potential riders, employers, social service agencies as well as other major stakeholders who represent targeted populations throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The analysis will be a three-phase effort. In the first phase, research and information will be collected and the public outreach effort will begin with the gathering of public and stakeholder input.  That research and public and stakeholder input will be analyzed resulting in an initial set of recommendations. Phase Two will be the release of these draft recommendations as well as another round of public and stakeholder outreach efforts to gather reactions to proposed recommendations.  Once again, the input will be analyzed resulting in a final set of recommendations.  The last phase of the project will be the preparation of those recommendations for presentation to the Los Angeles City Council.

LADOT is requesting the assistance of your organization to notify your members about Moving Forward…Together and to encourage them to submit their suggestions in one of several ways:

1.       Internet-Go to  Information and surveys are available.  Translations are available on the site.

2.   Public Workshop Sessions – Will take place during the second & third week of June 2015. (See attachment for more information)

3.       Telephone-Call the LADOT Transit Moving Forward…Together Suggestion line at 213-995-4545 and leave a recorded message.  Callers may leave their suggestions in 11 different languages.

4.   Mail-Send suggestions to the LADOT Transit Store at 201 N Los Angeles Street, Space #18B Los Angeles, CA, 90012

5.   Social Media-Twitter@ladottransit or

Here is additional information about the analysis, including a Fact Sheet, frequently asked Q&A Sheet and details on the public workshops. Contact information in multiple (ten) non-English languages is also attached.

If you have questions regarding the analysis please call Phil Aker of LADOT at 213-928-9779 or email him at

Thank you again for your support of LADOT Transit.


James Lefton

Executive Officer, Transit Services