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From: James Allen <james@randomlengthsnews.com>
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at 6:54 PM

This grievance specifically relates to the council taking administrative action to remove a chair of a committee for not holding meetings, not attending meetings and reporting on the topic of their committee. At this point in time there can not be a greater topic for all neighborhood councils to address than the Homeless Crisis. The facts are these: the CeSPNC Homeless Chair resigned from the board on family leave, she was replaced. However, she continued on as chair of the committee. The standing rule is that every committee should convene at least once every quarter and the homeless chair did not do this.

The Item to remove the Homeless Chair was duly agendized by the CeSPNC Agenda Committee and a vote was taken The item was amended to refer this back to the Homeless committee and there was no objection from the grieving party in the minutes of the June 21,2022.  Subsequently a Homeless meeting was called and the committee did not address, remove or reconfirm the chair of this committee. Subsequently a grievance was filed.

Our bylaws state in Section 9. Removal that Neighborhood Councils have the ability to remove committee chairs

Section 9. Removal

  1. This policy is not intended to restrict or eliminate a Neighborhood Council’s ability to remove or render ineligible to serve, Board members who fail to attend meetings, join committees, maintain their stakeholder status, or perform other duties as may be described in the Neighborhood Council’s bylaws and/or standing rules. Nor is it intended to limit a Neighborhood Councils ability to remove committee chairs or committee members according to the Neighborhood Council’s bylaws and/or standing rules.

Furthermore, our standing rules clearly state that The final authority over this Subcommittee will be the CeSPNC Board.

And finally, this committee has failed to live up to its mandate on qualified membership


STANDING RULES of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council (Approved by the CeSPNC Board on 9/15/20)


  1. The Committee on Homelessness The CeSPNC Homeless Committee will appoint, and the CeSPNC Board shall approve, the membership and chair of this Subcommittee CAB (Community Advisory Board) in accordance with its bylaws and retains the right to expand or limit the number of members or scope of this CAB at its sole discretion. The number of subcommittee members shall be made up of at least half of stakeholders who reside, work, or own property or a business within one fourth mile from the shelter or bridge home or stakeholders who regularly utilize the harbor/beach park and ride or adjacent bus stops. The final authority over this Subcommittee will be the CeSPNC Board.

It is the consensus of the majority of the council that this grievance has been launched as a distraction from the other main issue confronting this board which is the removal of its president, the one who has lodged this grievance.