Links to Correspondence and Community Impact Statements (CIS) of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council:

05/22/24:  Letter to EPA Re Support of POLA EPA Clean Ports Program Application

05/22/24:  Letter to POLA Re Tuna Street Demolition Project

04/23/24:  PAIP Vision Statement on Letterhead submitted as Community Impact Statement

02/28/24:  Letter to POLA containing CeSPNC Resolution Re: China Shipping

01/17/24:  Letter to POLA Clean Air Program Manager Re:  Public Application Programming Interface 

12/11/23: Letter to Port of LA with Comments on Ecocem project

12/11/23:  Letter to Port of LA with Comments on Gibson Blvd Parking Lot Project

10/27/23:  Letter to SWA Consultants & BOHC Re:  Comments on Connectivity Plan
10/27/23:  Acknowledgement of Receipt

09/29/23: Letter to SCAQMD Re: Commercial Marine Ports Indirect Source Rule 

09/01/23:  CeSPNC Letter Re:  Connectivity Plan (Originally approved by CeSPNC Board in Jan 2023) | 09/05/23 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SUBMISSION

06/26/23:  CeSPNC Follow Up Letter Re: PACARTS Building-303 S. Pacific (Send via Email)

05/16/23 – CeSPNC Motion Re: Vincent Thomas Bridge Deck Replacement

05/16/23 – CeSPNC Motion Re:  The Designation of Anderson Senior Center

04/20/23 – CeSPNC CIS/Letter addressed to Councilmember Tim McOsker Re: Quimby Funds

04/18/23 – CeSPNC_CIS_Harbor-Commission-Appointments

04/18/23 – CeSPNC_CIS_Request-for-BOHC-to-Hold-Evening-Meetings

04/18/23 – CeSPNC_CIS_Motion-to-Fund-POLACAT-Project

04/18/23 – CeSPNC_CIS_Motion-Requesting-West-Harbor-Developers-Provide-Strategic-Plan

03/24/23 – CeSPNC-CIS-META-Housing-PACARTS-Building-303-South-Pacific-Ave (sent via USPS MAIL)

03/21/23 – CeSPNC Letter with Motion to Support POLACAT Starkist Cannery Cat Rescue Proposal

03/21/23 –  CeSPNC-Letter-in-Support-of-Liberty-Hill-Celebrations

03/21/23 –  CeSPNC-Letter-in-Support-of-Downtown-San-Pedro-Parking-Study

03/21/23 – CeSPNC-Letter-in-Support-of-Ship-It-Zero

02/21/23 – CeSPNC-Appointment-of-Lamar-Lyons-as-LANCC-Representative

02/21/23 – CeSPNC-CIS-BONC-Commissioner-Appointments

02/21/23 – CeSPNC-CIS-META-Housing-PACARTS-Building-303-South-Pacific-Ave

02/21/23 – CIS-Request-POLA-provide-a-written-report-outlining-the-plan-and-timeline-for-the-Starkist-Cannery-demolition

02/21/23 – CIS-Request-the-POLA-design-build-and-maintain-a-fixed-rail-transportation-system-connecting-Kaiser-Point-to-Bannings-Landing

02/21/23 – CIS-Request-report-on-the-community-impacts-of-the-proposed-cruise-terminal-at-Berths-44-51

02/21/23 – CIS-Request-the-POLA-provide-a-copy-of-the-current-Master-Lease-for-the-West-Harbor-development

01/17/23 – CIS – Opposition to-Naming-of-Harbor-Blvd-After-Joe-Buscaino

01/17/23  –  CIS – Request for Abatement and Alternate Use Assessment of Abandoned Firehouse

10/18/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  CF-22-0560_Updates-to-Municipal-Lobbying-Ordinance

10/18/22 – Community Impact Statement Supporting Additional Funding for LA County Animal Shelters

10/18/22 – Letter of Support Re:  402 W 7th Street San Pedro, Beer and Wine License Application

10/18/22 – Letter of Support for Niko’s Beer & Wine License Application, 399 W 6th St., San Pedro

9/20/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Executive Order N-14-22 Suspending Shorepower

9/20/22 –  Community Impact Statement Opposing Tree Removal at 901 S. Gaffey St

9/20/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., et al. v. City of Los Angeles, et al

8/23/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  CIS Regarding Increase in EV Charging Stations (DWP)

8/23/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program (STAP) digital signs

8/23/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Billboard Removal

8/23/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Walker’s Cafe | (View Council File)

7/21/22 – Demolition application notice Received Re:  782 W 4th Street from Building and Safety Dept.

7/9/22 – Letter from Port of LA Re: NOP of a DEIR for VOPAK Liquid Bulk Terminal Wharf Improvements

6/24/22 – Letter to VOA Re:  Best Western Hotel Conversion Project

6/18/22 – Letter from Department of the Navy Re: Fueling Operations Final Environmental Assessment

4/14/22 – Letter to Board of Harbor Commissioners/Port of LA Re: Star-Kist Tuna Cannery and 744 Tuna Street, Terminal Island

4/13/22 – Community Impact Statement Re:  PAIP Resolution passed 3-15-22

2/28/22 – Letter to Cultural Heritage Commission Re: Walker’s Café

2/21/22 – Letter-to-Port-Re-744-Tuna-Street-Building

2/24/22 – Response from Port of Los Angeles

2/21/22 – Letter-to-Port-Re-Starkist-Cannery-2-21-22

2/24/22 – Response from Port of Los Angeles

2/24/22 – Motion-Re-Berths-148-151-Phillips-66-Wharf-Improvement-Project

2/24/22 – Response from Port of Los Angeles to Letter containing motion

2/23/22 – Letter of Support for Sebastian’s Restaurant CUB

1/4/22 – Letter to BOHC containing Motion Re Authorized CeSPNC Speakers at BOHC Meetings

2021 FILES

11/17/21 – Letter to BOHC containing Resolution Re Starkist 1050-1054 Ways Street

11/17/21 – Letter-to-BOHC-Re-Ports-Container-Rates-to-Fund-Zero-Emission-Technology

11/17/21 – Letter-to-BOHC-Re-Hydrogen-Sulfide-in-Dominguez-Channel

11/17/21 – Letter-to-BOHC-Re-744-Tuna-St.

10/19/21 – CeSPNC-letter-on-BOHC-comment-policy

8/17/21 –  Resolution passed by the CeSPNC Board Re: Code of Conduct

7/22/21 – Letter to EPA in support of Build Hope Inc’s Grant Proposal

6/8/21 –Determination Letter from City Planning Commission Re:  Case No.:  CPC-2019-7393-CA

5/20/21 – Letter to Councilmember Buscaino Re: CD15 Grants Program

5/2/21 – Letter to LAUSD Dist. 7 Board Member Re:  Charter School Concerns

4/6/21 – HACLA Response from Port of LA Re: Rail right of way

3/4/21 – Letter to Port Director & Board of Harbor Commissioners Re: NC Motions at BOHC Meetings

2/11/21 – Central’s Resolution Re: Emergency Use of Port Owned Lots E & F for Homeless

3/31/21 – Response from Port of LA Re Use of Lots E & F for Homeless Use

2/18/21- Coastal San Pedro’s Resolution & Letter

3/31/21 – Response from Port of LA Re Use of Lots E & F for Homeless Use

2/3/21 – Letters Re Opposition to Proposed Play area on Harbor Blvd:  CeSPNC-Letter-4District | CeSPNC-Letter-CD15 |CeSPNC-Letter-CSPNC | CeSPNC-Letter-Mayor | CeSPNC-Letter-NWSPNC | CeSPNC-Letter-PortLA | CeSPNC-Letter-RSPCAC | CeSPNC-Letter-SD35

2020 FILES

12/22/20 – Thank you letter from Grand Vision for $2700 NPG

10/21/20 – Letter with TOC Resolution (Council File 20-0189) Community Impact Statement

9/16/20 – CIS Re: Creation of Office of Anti-Corruption and Transparency

8/10/20 – LAPD-Bridge-Home-Presence

8/4/20 – CIS Re:  Landmark Tree Program (Council File 20-0720)

7/7/20 – Community Impact Statement – Shelter Transit – Council File 20-0424

7/7/20 – Letter Re: Use of Vacant Dormitory Buildings to House the Homeless

7/2/20 – Letter to City Planning Re: Future Developments

7/2/20 – Community Impact Statement – Illegal Fireworks Task Force – Council File 17-1421

7/2/20 – Letter Re: Possession Fireworks

7/2/20 – Letter Re: Bus Shelter

6/22/20 – Letter of Support for LADOT Safe Routes to School – Cabrillo Elementary Project

6/16/20 – Resolution/Community Impact Statement-City Police Budget & Use of Force
Council File 20-0600

6/16/20 – CeSPNC Free Coronavirus Testing CIS – Council File 20-0550

6/16/20 – CIS Re:  Support of Alternative Housing and Shelter Options (Council File 20-0147-S33)

6/11/20 – Motion on Reducing DONE Budget (Council File 20-0600)

6/9/20 – Letter to City Council Re:  Appeal of proposed project at 1309-1331 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro (attached to Community Impact Statement)

6/5/20 – Comments submitted to City Planning Re: Sidewalk Program Draft Environmental Impact Report

5/12/20 – Resolution on Separate Legal Representative for NC’s and DONE.

5/12/20 – Boundary Adjustment Memo from Central San Pedro

5/12/20 – Letter to LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Re: Metro Next/Gen Bus Plan

5/12/20 – Letter to the County Registrar/Recorder/Clerk Re:  Suggestions for Potential Vote Centers in San Pedro

5/12/20 – Letter to DONE General Manager Re: Retention of Services of S. Akerblom

5/9/20 – Letter to Wilmington Neighborhood Council Re:  Proposed Safe Parking and Terminal Island Boundaries

4/14/20 –Resolution Demanding Free and Open Public Access to the “State of the Port” Address

3/4/20 – Letter to Done General Manager Re: Exhaustive Efforts

2/27/20 – Letter to County Supervisor Hahn Re: Safe-parking-LA-County+Libraries-CeSPNC

2/27/20 – Letter Re: Safe-parking-harbor-college-CeSPNC

2/27/20 – Letter to Buscaino Re: Safe-parking-LA-City+Libraries-CeSPNC

1/16/20 – Thank You Letter from Supervisor Janice Hahn to Board Member James Allen

2019 FILES

11/25/19 – Letter to City Planning Re: 1309-1331 S. Pacific Avenue Project

7/25/19 – Public Access Investment Plan Letter

6/12/19 – AB 228 Opposition Letter

2/21/19 – Letter to Port & other Officials Re Port Automation Resolution

1/9/19 – Letter to Planning Commission Re: 456-462 9th St

1/9/19 –  Letter Re Proposed Affordable Housing at 456-462-9th-street

1/9/19 –  Letter to People St-DOT Re Support for Crosswalks and Murals

2018 FILES

12/13/18 – Reclaim Our Schools Support Letter

12/13/18 – Harbor View House–CeSPNC Ltr of Support

11/26/18 – Support Letter for Boutique Hotel 544 Pacific

11/21/18 – Cabrillo Beach Youth Facility Letter of Support

11/15/18 – Harbor View House Project Committee Letter of Support

10/15/18 – La Buvette Support Letter to Mayor and CD15

10/15/18 – Buonos 6th Street Support Letter to Mayor and CD15

10/15/18 – The Sardine Support Letter to Mayor and CD15

10/13/18 – Resolution in support of the Cabrillo Beach Sports Center sent by email to Gary Dwight on 10/13/18.  Resolution

9/5/18 – Letter from Janice Hahn Re MHF-HF

8/13/18 – Letter to SCAQMD announcing HF-MHF Resolution

7/20/18 – Letter to Councilman Buscaino Re Neighborhood “Little Italy” designation

7/11/18 – Rancho San Pedro Resolution

7/11/18 – Letter to Councilman Buscaino Re Homelessness Issue

5/9/18 – Comments on DEIR-Shell Oil Terminal Improvements

5/1/18 – Letter to Joe Buscaino with Resolution Re: Transitioning to Zero Emission Vehicles

5/1/18 – Letter to Joe Buscaino with Resolution Re Ports OCall Restaurant

3/4/18 – Letter to Port Re Resolution on NC speaking at BOHC meetings

2017 FILES

12/22/17 – Urban Greening Letter of support

12/22/17 – Cabrillo Beach Youth Facility Letter

12/12/17 – Letter from Janice Hahn Re: Statement regarding Net Neutrality

12/10/17 – Community Impact Statement Re:  Council File 17-0447 Land Use Codes / Oil and Gas Development / Impact on Resident Health and Safety / Code Change Proposals.  View Central’s CIS here:

9/18/17 – Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP)-CeSPNC Comments Letter to Chris Cannon

7/18/17 – Comments-DRAFT-letter-china-shipping-DEIR

5/22/17 – Letter of support for Godmother’s Saloon CUP renewal

5/15/17 – Exhaustive Efforts letter from Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment

5/13/17 – Supervisor Janice Hahn courthouse draft letter 5-13-17

4/15/17 – Letter from San Pedro Chamber to Supervisor Hahn Re: Courthouse

3/11/17 – Letter of Support for Raffaellos Restaurant new location.

3/8/17 – STEAM-letter-of-support-to-LAUSD

3/8/17 – Anderson-Park-letter-re-improvements


1/17/17 – CAAP-letter to Seroka and Commissioners

2016 FILES

12/29/16 – Paseo-del-Mar-reconstruction-letter

12/29/16 – Letter to Mayor/City Council/DWP Re: renewable energy 

11/8/16 – Del-Taco-letter

11/8/16 – Lisbon-Restaurant-support-letter

11/8/16 – O’Farrell Hill sidewalk-request-letter

8/16/16 – Letter Re: Courthouse RFP

8/16/16 – 7-11-CUB-letter to Planning Dept. Re Beer/Wine Permit Renewal

5/6/16 – Response from Port of LA to HANC letter and Resolutions on Port Noise/Light (See NWSPNC Letter & Resolutions here)

3/16/16 – San Pedro Community Plan – Letter to City Planning

3/16/16 –  Warner Grand Theatre Motion Re: RFP – letter to Dept. of Cultural Affairs

3/10/16  – Support for Propose Public Art Project – Gaffey St-Art-Activation-Fund

3/10/16 – Support for Propose Public Art Project – Gaffey St-Creative-Economic-Dev-Fund

2/29/16 – Follow up Letter to LAPD Chief Beck Re: Harbor Division Jail

2015 FILES

9/30/15 September 8, 2015 Letter to Zoning Admin supporting James Brown Micro Brewery

9/29/15 August 11, 2015 Letter to Carl Cooper Re: MOU

9/24/15 Stakeholder letter of support

9/2/15 Animal Services Letter Re: Ventilation on animal transport trucks

8/25/15 August 11, 2015 Letter to MTA Re: Silverline

7/30/15 July 28, 2015 Letter to LA City Planning Dept Re:  600 S Gaffey

7/16/15 July 14, 2015 letter of support of MTA silverline

6/17/15 June 17, 2015 response from Don Knabe’s Office Re: Use of Courthouse.

5/21/15 May 12, 2015 Letter to Joe Rich Re: 600 S Gaffey

5/21/15  May 12, 2015 Letter Re: Gaffey Plan Comments

5/19/15 Letter to County Supervisor Don Knabe Re: Use of Courthouse

5/18/15 Thank You Letter From Harbor Occupational Center

3/10/15 (passed by board in October 2014)  MTA LIGHT RAIL SUPPORT LETTER Sent to Councilman Buscaino

3/5/15 Letter of support for “Raise the Wage” campaign.

2014 FILES

12/10/14 Letter of Support for Harbor Area Re-Entry Collaboration (HARC)

10/21/14 From Director of Planning Michael LoGrande ~ Implementation of Density Bonus Ordinance

10/21/14 Letter to Council Office Re: Feasibility Study of One Way Streets on 6th & 7th Streets, Downtown San Pedro.

10/20/14 Letter from LA-City-Re:229-S-Palos-Verdes-St

10/16/14 Letter from Department of City Planning – Implementation of Density Bonus Ordinance

9/25/14 Letter #2 to Councilman Buscaino Re: Proposed gas station at 311 N. Gaffey

9/8/14 Letter to Councilman Buscaino Re:  Support of Proposed 30-unit project at 335 N. Gaffey

8/15/14 Letter #1 to Councilman Buscaino Re: Proposed gas station at 311 N. Gaffey

8/15/14 Letter to Councilman Joe Buscaino Re:  Reuse of the San Pedro Courthouse Property

8/15/14 – Letter of Support – Living Wage Policy for Hotel Workers

6/24/14 – Letters in support of proposed Grant for N. Gaffey/Leland Park Improvements:  Letter #1 (HCBF); Letter #2 (EEMP)

6/24/14 – Letter of Support Re:  Development at 255 W. 8th Street, San Pedro

5/27/14 – Response to 5/13/14 Letter to the Port Re: Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center”

5/13/14 – Letter of Support Re: Brouwerij West

5/13/14 Letter –  Re:  Port of Los Angeles property currently occupied as the “Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center”

5/13/14 Letter of support – Phili B’s Restaurant – proposed CUB/ Case # ZA 2014-0919(CUB)

4/23/14 Response from Chief Beck Re: Harbor Division Jail

3/12/14 Letter to Chief Beck, Mayor Garcetti, Councilman Buscaino Re: Opening Harbor Division Jail (copy also sent to Controller Galperin)

3/11/14 Letter of Support Re: 335 W. Seventh Street

2/26/14 Crew member detention letter

2013 FILES

12/4/13-1/2/14 Emails Related to BOHC Meeting Schedule

12/2/13 Letter of Support Re: Metro Investments, 8th & Center Street Project

12/16/2013 Letter of Support Re: James Brown, San Pedro Brewing Co., 837 W. Seventh Street expansion

11/22/13 2nd Letter to BOHC Re: Evening Meetings

9/13/13 Letter to Harbor Community Benefit Foundation Re: Clean San Pedro

9/12/13 Letter to Harbor Community Benefit Foundation Re: LANI/Leland Park

9/10/13 Letter to Knabe Re: Courthouse Closure (motion attached)

8/1/13 Letter From Rancho LPG Re: Professor Bea Flyer

7/12/13 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: North Gaffey Sidewalk Issue

7/12/13 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: Support of Feasibility Study for One Way Streets

7/21/13 Ponte Vista Comments Letter to Councilman & City Planning

5/16/13 311-N-Gaffey-Fueling-Station-letter

4/18/13 Community Plan letter Re: Board Approved Comments

4/18/13 Thank-you-letter-Rene-Bracamontes

4/9/13 Letter to Board of Harbor Commissioners Re: Support of PCAC Secretary

4/8/13 Response from Dr. Knatz Re: BOHC Consider Evening Meetings

3/26/13 Excessive Force Letter to LAPD Chief Beck

2/28/13 Letter to Dr. Knatz Re: Board of Harbor Commissioners Consider Evening Meetings

2/26/13 Letter to LADOT Re: Centre St sidewalk

2/21/13 Letter to Councilman Joe Buscaino Re: Closure of Courthouses

2012 FILES

11/19/12 Letter to Geraldine Knatz and all Commissioners Re: Ports O’Call

11/19/12 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: Parking Poles

11/19/12 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: Lilyan Fierman Walkway

10/25/12 Thank You Letter to Community/Council from Off The Vine Re: Support of CUP

10/17/12 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: Medical Marijuana Resolution passed by Central

9/25/12 Letter to Joe Buscaino Re: Cultural ArtDistrict Signage

9/12/12 Response from POLA Director Knatz Re: Ports O’Call

8/23/12 Letter to Port with Central’s NOP Scoping Comments Re: Port Master Plan

8/14/12 Response to July 31, 2012 letter to Police Commissioner (Re: Impounded vehicle)

8/8/12 Email to HANC Re: Neighborhood Prosecutor Issue

7/31/12 Letter to Police Commissioner Re: General Mgr Impounded Vehicle

9/12/12 Response from POLA Director Knatz Re: Ports O’Call

7/25/12 Letter to POLA Director Knatz Re: Ports O’Call

6/15/12 Letter to LAUSD in support of Adult Career Education Programs

6/04/12 Letter to POLA Director Knatz Re: Race track issue

4/04/12 Copy of letter Congresswoman Hahn sent to EPA

3/29/12 Letter to Buscaino Re: Support of Skateboard Priorities

3/29/12 Letter to City Council Transportation Committee Chair Re: Parking Meters

3/28/12 Letter Requesting Extension of Clearwater Project Comment Period

3/21/12 Letter to BOHC regarding new alternate PCAC Representative

3/21/12 Letter of Support for Marymount College Expansion Project

3/20/12 Letter to Betsy Cheek (San Pedro Chamber) Re: Free Speech Issue

3/20/12 Letter to Councilman Buscaino Re: Central’s CRA ad hoc committee

2/27/12 Letter to Councilman Buscaino Re: ACE District Expansion Motion

2/27/12 Letter to Port Director Re: Illegal Racing Issue

2011 FILES

9/20/11 Letter and Resolution Re: Taco Bell Project

8/19/11 Letter and Resolution in support of Fresh and Easy

8/16/11 – Letter and Resolution Re: Dangerous Intersections

6/22/11 Letter and Resolution to Calif. Redistricting Commission

6/8/11 Letter to Geraldine Knattz Re: Red Car

2/9/11 – Letter to Governor Brown opposing elimination of Enterprise Zones

2/9/11 – Letter to Governor Brown opposing elimination of CRA

1/11/11 – Letter to Mayor Villaraigosa in support of Gambol Shipyard project

2010 FILES

12/29/10 Letter from Geraldine Knatz Re: Improvements to Front Street

9/28/10 – Letter to Tesoro Wilmington Refinery Re: Savage as Subcontractor

9/10/10 – Letter of endorsement of new San Pedro Convention & Visitors Bureau

9/10/10 – Letter in support of the USS IOWA

5/18/10 – Letter to Board of Harbor Commissioners supporting Gambol Shipyard

5/14/10 – Letter to Mayor Villaraigosa Re: San Pedro Court House

2008 FILES

10/27/08 – Letter to Mayor Villaraigosa Welcoming 2008 Board Members

10/27/08 – Letter to Port Dir. Geraldine Knatz Re: Downtown Walking Tour Summary

10/27/08 – Letter to Councilwoman Janice Hahn Re: Downtown Walking Tour Summary

10/27/08 – Letter to Walter Beaumont, CRA Regarding SPACE representation

2/25/2008 – Letter to Port Re Knoll Hill Future Park Planning/ Request for the Port of Los Angeles to engage LANI