Check our Home Page for details on upcoming committee meeting dates, times and locations.

  • Agenda Setting Committee: Generally meets on the 1st Tuesday
  • Monthly Board Meetings: Generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday
  • Public Safety & Transportation Committee: Generally meets on the 3rd Tuesday, 6:00pm at the San Pedro Library.
  • Sustainability Committee: Generally meets on the 3rd Thursday, 5:30 -7PM City Hall
  • Outreach & Communications Committee: Generally meets on the 4th Wednesday, 6:30PM
  • Land Use Planning & Public Works Committee: Generally meets on the 4th Thursday, 6PM

Click on the links below to view each Committee page.

  • Agenda Committee – Chair: Council President, members: Executive Officers
  • Bylaws Committee – Pending chair, members: Frank Anderson, Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu, Claricza Ortiz, Maria Couch
  • Communications & Outreach Committee  – Chair: Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu (confirmed by board 7/9/19), members: Jane Castillo, Maria Couch, Claricza Ortiz, Andrew Soto
  • Election Committee – Currently Inactive
  • Finance Committee – Chair: Matt Garland (confirmed by board 10/20/19),  members: Claricza Ortiz, Maria Couch, Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu, Linda Alexander
  • Homelessness Committee – Chair: James Allen (confirmed 2018), members: Lou Caravella, Karen Caesar, Bill Roberson, Shari Weaver
  • Land Use Planning & Public Works CommitteeChair: Javier Gonzalez-Camarillo (confirmed by board 10/20/19), members: Frank Anderson, Pat Carroll, Meg McCarthy, Lisa De Niscia
  • Port Committee – Chair: Frank Anderson (confirmed by board 10/20/19), members: Lou Caravella, Ryan Hemphill, James Allen
  • Public Safety & Transportation Committee – Chair: Will Marmolejo, members: Jane Castillo, Maria Couch, Frank Anderson, Gabrielle DeBernadetto.
  • Rec and Parks CommitteeChair: Jeff McBurney (confirmed by full board 10/20/19)
  • Sustainability Committee – Currently Inactive
  • Ad Hoc Issues Committee- Chair: James Allen, Maria Couch, Frank Anderson, Matt Garland, Jose Guerrero

From time to time the Board will also form Ad Hoc Committees to deal with issues that are not covered in our regular standing committees.  Current Ad Hoc Committees:


  • Neighborhood Watch/CPAB: Will Marmolejo, Jane Castillo
  • Schools: Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu
  • Legal Liaisons:  Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu
  • CD15 Liaision:   pending
  • Arts Liaison:  Jane Castillo
  • Budget Advocate: pending
  • Government Relations:  Alexander Hall, Jane Castillo
  •  HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils):  Frank Anderson
  • PBID: Linda Alexander
  • Small Business/San Pedro Chamber of Commerce: James Allen
  • Homelessness Liaison to City Hall:  Pending
  • LADWP Liaison:pending
  • Senior Liaison: Frank Anderson
  • Parks and Recreation: Frank Anderson
  • Rancho San Pedro: Maria Couch, James Allen
  • Non-Profits: Pending