Leland Park in the Spotlight.…  more info here:

Rancho LPG Issue:
Rep. Waxman Calls on DHS to Review Risks at Rancho Facility.  Congressman Waxman issued the following press release July 31, 2013: Download Here:  Press Release and Letter Waxman sent to the Secretary of Homeland Security

Kiosk removed from 6th Street:  Read More




Person in charge

DWP Easement at 1150 W. 13th Street, between Walker & Leland, bounded at the rear by 11th Street. COMPLETED


Parking Meter Poles.  6 month requirement to keep poles in case of meter head replacement has now been met. Challenge of finding funds for meter removal. Allyson Vought will draft recommended action & send it to Sue Castillo so that appropriate government agency(ies) can be petitioned to try & move this forward

Allyson Vought and Kevin Bingham

Arts District Signage Transferred to ACE Board for action & follow-up
San Pedro Wayfinding Signage Passed by unanimous vote of the Board: Motion Nov. 13, 2012: “We ask that CD15 pursue the Port of L.A.’s original proposal for wayfinding signage, for downtown San Pedro & its waterfront attractions, as presented to the CRA CAC by the Port & drafted by Selbert Perkins Design”.  Action since November 2012?

Kevin Bingham

Code violation reporting & action/results

Land Use Committee/Kevin Bingham

Advertisement-bearing bus benches Completed


Improvement to the bus stops at the intersection of Pacific & 7thStreet

Land Use Committee/Kevin Bingham

News racks (now added: illegal pay phones)

Land Use Committee/Kevin Bingham

Bollard repair for sidewalk sitting nodes, front of 445 7th St. Completed


Improvement to condition of satellite parking lots: City Lot 641 (e.g. signage, pay kiosk, poles)

Kevin Bingham

Improvement of accessibility to satellite parking: repairs to alley curb return along the east side of Pacific Avenue between 6th & 7th Streets Sue Castillo sent email to Nicole Wells stating that this is one of the focus items that may fall within Nicole’s area, specifically getting the sidewalk path repaired adjacent to 726 S. Pacific.  Our neighborhood council has been requesting repair for over a year, but not heard back about when it might be considered for special attention.

Land Use Committee

Kevin Bingham

Inclusive transit map

Land Use Committee/Kevin Bingham

Plaza at 6th & Mesa; Kiosk removal “Kiosk in lot 735 (6th & Mesa). The Councilman pushed DOT to remove signage that directs people to the Kiosk. They are trying to get the structure either stored or recycled. UPDATE: Kiosh was removed and the lot is clear.

Kevin Bingham/Allyson Vought

Lillian Fierman walkway improvement “LANI will be the contractor for the Lillian Fierman walkway. A start date has not yet been determined.  In an email to to Alison Becker, Sue Castillo commented “I understand that this is with LADOT right now, but what exactly are they doing? What is their timeline for initiating the planning process with the community? No additional information was available at the March 13, 2012 meeting.

Alison Becker

Deficiency of Centre Street sidewalk, west side between 6th & 7th Streets

Sue Castillo/Land Use Committee

Cat Population Issue at 571 – 573 W. Upland.  Discuss and approve submitting a Community Impact Statement requesting that the City draft an ordinance Carrie Scoville suggested having an ordinance drafted. There was a suggestion to look at how it is handled by other cities. Kevin Bingham reported that neighbors on that block have agreed to trap the feral cats.

Carrie Scoville/Kevin Bingham

Neighborhood Prosecutor.  The issue is the lack of city funds to keep a neighborhood prosecutor dedicated to the San Pedro Area. There was a suggestion to invite the current Neighborhood Prosecutor to a future CD15 issues committee for updated information on this position.Allyson Vought, our HANC representative, will take the information to HANC for discussion on possible council file with all Harbor Area NC’s.8/8/12 Email sent to HANC requesting support of opening a council file.Next Step:  Await Response


MOJO Public Art Piece at 7th & Center Phill Trigas reported that this art piece is owned by the Homeowners Association that is in bankruptcy. Allyson Vought is pursuing the issue and is verifying if the sculpture can be repurposed. The artist claims control, but Allyson has requested a copy of the contract to submit to the City Attorney for review.

Allyson Vought

Traffic Light at 11th & Gaffey Bids were due January 30 and they are currently reviewing the bids.

Kevin Bingham

Update on current performance of ATSAC system in San Pedro The Board has requested that Kevin facilitate getting a representative from ATSAC to present at a future meeting.

Kevin Bingham