rachel bruhnke

Stakeholder status: Work within the NC boundaries.

I ran for a board seat last year, and was 9 votes away from being elected. I was next in line after the last person was chosen. Like last time, I am very interested in supporting residents who want to make Central San Pedro more sustainable, more forward-thinking when it comes to resource use, and more environmental in its priorities. Promoting urban farming, teaching residents the environmental and economic benefits of solar, supporting local culture through bikes and walking as transportation are all areas of interest to me. Additionally, helping educate residents as to waste management, particularly trash reduction, recycling and composting is needed to make our are more resilient and to start small environmental businesses. As a high school teacher, I am also very interested in helping youth issues be addressed in our area.


Stakeholder status: Live within the NC boundaries.

I’m Lou, a web developer and part-time student in Digital Media Design. I live here in San Pedro, and volunteer at Harbor Interfaith, mostly in the pantry. In my spare time, I like to bike, hike, and take photos, and love First Thursdays and the National Watercolor Society. I’ve been interested in getting more involved in Pedro events, outreach, and community development. A friend on the Board of the NoHo NC recently encouraged me to look at my own Neighborhood Council. I did and think I can make a strong contribution. Looking forward to pitching in. Thanks!

Stakeholder status: Live within the NC boundaries.

I am a homeowner and have lived in San Pedro for the last 6 years. The improvement of the quality of life in this tight knit community is paramount to all and my motivation for getting involved.  My background is in education. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in art and art education.

My husband and I currently serve the community in the role of Neighborhood Watch Block Captains. We have worked closely and cooperatively with the Police Department. Through this collaboration, our neighborhood has successfully come together to improve safety, lower crime, and we watch out for each other. This has turned our neighborhood around and is testament to the strength of a community working together. This also led to me completing C.E.R.T. training to be prepared to serve in a case of an emergency.

I would be honored to serve as a voice for my community’s concerns.  The shaping of our sustainable future and continued neighborhood improvements is worth the effort to make this a great community to live in.

Brian Anthony Dolansky

Stakeholder status: Live within the NC boundaries.

I recently moved to San Pedro and would like to actively participate in helping the council address community concerns and conversely provide the community with a voice to the council. I have degrees in environmental science and horticulture, experience in civics at the federal level and maintain a leadership role at a fortune 500 company. I feel my skill set would provide an asset for the council and I look forward to becoming a member .


Stakeholder Status. I live within the NC boundaries.

Candidate statement:   San Pedro is a place I have very quickly fallen in love with. My fiancee and I were looking all over the South Bay for our first home, San Pedro quickly proved to be the spot. The Little Fish Theater had been a date night excursion in the past, and we now find ourselves living just down the street. I am invested in the future of San Pedro, shown by the improvement work I am doing on my home and my application here. I intend to be involved and to help my new home neighborhood, hopefully through participation with our council.


Stakeholder Status: I am a resident within the boundaries of the neighborhood council.

Candidate statement: I served as Secretary for CeSPNC from 2014-2016, and to see the devolution of the council is disheartening.  In my view, CeSPNC should serve as an active and effective liaison for the community to strengthen the cultural, economic, educational and environmental vitality of San Pedro.  This requires a certain pragmatism and integrity which has been jettisoned under the current leadership.  As a former union contract negotiator and current educator, I would like the opportunity to serve our community again to reverse the diminution of value to community trust we are witnessing with the current board.