Sean Burke

Stakeholder who resides and owns property within the CeSPNC Boundaries

First, I’m heavily invested in San Pedro as I purchased a property with my father near downtown.  Although, I’ve been here for only about a year now I’ve seen how the neighborhood councils have made an impact on the city during COVID.  The two biggest examples being the waterfront construction and the outdoor dining. Seeing these improvements really piqued my interest in how the neighborhood council can have such a large impact on the community especially during times of uncertainty.  I see a lot of money being poured into the city and I want to be part of the modernization of San Pedro.

Dillon Clark
I currently live-in central San Pedro with my wife, Katie, and 8-month-old daughter, Ainsley. Since moving here, I have fallen in love with our vibrant city, local shops, and wonderful neighbors.I would be proud to represent our community in San Pedro as an active member of our Neighborhood Council, as an advocate for my neighbors and our neighborhood.

I currently work as an advisor to State and Local Governments, including multiple port agencies, on financial and accounting matters. Previously, I was a Commissioner on the Landlord-Tenant Commission in Maryland, and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group in Washington, DC.