The following two candidates have applied for the vacant board seat on the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council and will be considered at the next monthly board meeting.


Candidates for Vacant Board Seat


Candidate Statement:  I am entering my application for a board seat for the betterment of change in San Pedro.  As a lifelong resident of San Pedro I’ve seen so many issues that affect our local neighborhoods to a point that I decided myself to move forward to address the issues with a position where my voice will be heard.
Stakeholder Status: Lives within the boundaries of the Central SPNC.

Candidates for Vacant Board Seat


Candidate Statement:  I want to run for a Board seat because I’m optimistic and excited about San Pedro’s future and want to help solve problems in this time of rapid societal change. I believe I have the skills to resolve problems in a cooperative and collaborative way, understanding that it is necessary to take into consideration the diversity of opinions, ideas, and desires expressed by community members. I approach challenges and competing interests with an open mind and a strategy of negotiation and compromise, and before making recommendations I engage in careful and thoughtful analysis. I want to help!
Stakeholder Status:  Lives within the boundaries of the Central SPNC.