Sean Burke

Stakeholder who resides and owns property within the CeSPNC Boundaries

First, I’m heavily invested in San Pedro as I purchased a property with my father near downtown.  Although, I’ve been here for only about a year now I’ve seen how the neighborhood councils have made an impact on the city during COVID.  The two biggest examples being the waterfront construction and the outdoor dining. Seeing these improvements really piqued my interest in how the neighborhood council can have such a large impact on the community especially during times of uncertainty.  I see a lot of money being poured into the city and I want to be part of the modernization of San Pedro.

Candidates for Vacant Board Seat

Anya Gabrielle Sipivy

Stakeholder who resides and works within the CeSPNC Boundaries

After being what I would consider a “gypsy” since the gentrification of my hometown, Venice, I never found a place where I felt I was comfortable in settling, until I moved to San Pedro. I have lived here for 5 years now and I have fallen in absolute love with our community. I now co-own a business in the arts district and am watching the changes begin. Being part of the collective voice for our community, and as a stake, holder is why I hope to be considered for the open seat.