Veronica Njodinizeh

I Stand.

Mother. Mentor. Health Advocate. Consultant. Survivor.

I have been a local San Pedro resident for the past year and offer a fresh perspective and new voice to the diverse community represented on the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council. I have been a Southern California native for over a decade, after completing my Masters in Health Administration, at the University of Southern California. I currently serve K-12 and College School Districts in the SoCal Market as a Health Benefits Advisor and Patient Advocate to school employees and teachers. Additionally, I have over ten years of project management and consulting experience, serving global and national companies working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.

I have been blessed to call San Pedro my home in the last year and would like the opportunity to give back to it by service on the Neighborhood Council. A sister to a brother imprisoned at the age of 15, I am very concerned about the adolescent/youth-related crimes happening in my community. Additionally, I take to heart the increasing population of homeless individuals with mental issues in my neighborhood.

More than anything I would like the opportunity to serve my community in San Pedro with the skills and talents it needs to continue to thrive and grow as a community.

Thank you for your consideration.

Veronica Njodinizeh