My name is Terry Bonich I am a lifelong resident of San Pedro, born and raised and very proud of that. After graduating from San Pedro High School in 1974, I choose to serve my country for 6 years in the United States Marine Corps. During which I served as a Radio Operator, Air-Naval and Artillery Gunfire Observer, Reconnaissance Scout/Sniper, and on the drill field as a Senior Drill Instructor. I left the service with the rank of Sergeant, under honorable conditions. At present, I am employed by McNerney’s Mortuary where I have been employed for 9 years as a Funeral Directors Assistant.

We have a large crime problem here in Central that I believe can be solved by not only my input, but this community by urging our residents to come together and work with our Police Department. We need solid participation from our stakeholders. This problem will not be solved overnight, nor should we sit on our hands and wait for something to happen for it to go away. As a community we need to be actively working and seeking strategies to work with our Senior Lead Officers that are effective to stop and or slow down our high crime rate.