I’m native to San Pedro and have owned a business her for over 20 years . I’m currently the co- chair of the Community police advisory board ,for LAPD Harbor Division for the last 10 years . I have also worked with San Pedro high school and Dana junior high on their safety collaborative .I have had the opportunity to serve on the central San Pedro neighborhood council ,two years ago. I feel there is a great need for my knowledge and my desire to serve our Community.

I was on the outreach Committee and also participated with the land-use committee.
I believe as a former council member I have the knowledge to make a difference in the safety of our community and listen to all stakeholders equally and fairly. I will not be dead weight on the council board. I will follow through, and be committed to work hard on all the issues.

I want only the best for a cleaner, safer, town for us to live and thrive in.