I remember coming to Ports O’Call as a child and seeing the loads of fish coming off the boats.  It was bustling with people enjoying the fresh catch of the day, live music, and the warm sunny day.  It was at that moment I realized that I could one day call this place home.  Our city has such high potential for becoming a destination for many people to enjoy.  With all our natural beauty and wonderful character of a small town in a big city, San Pedro is still in need of revitalization.  Diversity of people, food and entertainment are in dire need as we find ourselves driving to other parts of LA to grab a simple bite to eat.  The safety of our neighborhoods is also a priority to keep the youth on a path to success and higher education.  I’ve found myself and many others having a hard time driving at night, we need more street lights both on our neighborhood streets and within our alleys.  Most importantly,  it is up to the community to voice their concerns so that we can make San Pedro a place people love to remember.  I want to be the change we want to see, the progress, the future!