Jane Castillo is a homeowner and has lived in San Pedro for the last 5 years. She is an award winning artist, author, and art educator. She has taught at every level, elementary school – college. She earned her B.A. at Cal State Fullerton in Art Education and an MFA in Sculpture from Claremont Graduate University. Jane’s artwork has been on exhibit throughout the country and abroad in museums and galleries.

Castillo currently serves the community along with her husband in the role of Neighborhood Watch Block Captain. Working closely and cooperatively with the Police Department, the neighborhood has successfully come together to improve safety and the quality of life. She has also completed C.E.R.T. training.

Castillo seeks to participate in the best interest of all stakeholders. She brings a positive, collaborative, team player spirit to the table. Contributing to the advancement of San Pedro reaching its full potential is worth rolling up her sleeves over. She would be honored to represent her constituents and proud to serve them in an empowering way.