I live in a working class and less affluent area of San Pedro. Every morning and afternoon, driving in and out of this relatively small ocean side community I am reminded of the successes and shortcomings of our community.
I look towards a community that reflects and benefits all of our residents; the young, the old, rich, poor, healthy, sick and indigent, with such things as social programs, that are started by this community; an outreach of help to those in need; beyond the bare minimum. As they say; a rising tide raises all votes. If we start at the bottom, with our most vulnerable residents we can improve the community as a whole. I would like to promote greater community outreach. I want the city to attract more visitors. I’m looking to revitalize along Pacific Avenue, and make it more attractive to businesses as a place to locate those businesses; filling empty buildings, and attracting more tourists and San Pedro residents to shop locally. I want to help ensure a vibrant, thriving inviting community that we are proud to raise our families in.