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  1. Welcome  and roll call of Neighborhood Council Representatives. 5 minutes
  2. Approval of outstanding minutes. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aXqQiejy_sYA7SVS6FvNNndGc8oVtheX?usp=sharing  5 minutes
  3. Candidate Introductions. Candidates running for City office in the November 2022 General Election have two minutes to introduce themselves and tell the Neighborhood Councils how, if elected, will work with the Neighborhood Councils. The candidate must be a certified candidate. 10 minutes
  4. Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. Discussion on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.
  5. Discussion and possible action for a request for investigations into evacuation routes throughout the City of Los Angeles. Presentation from STNC and other communities
  6. Motions
    1. Motion to support CF 22-0560 with changes to the municipal lobbying ordinance (MLO) regarding neighborhood Councils. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14vdG1akw4Mtt_BM2C2oDaReMiIHarpfXmBVswmqT_sQ/edit
    2. Whereas Los Angeles faces a biodiversity crisis wherein over 90% of local butterflies, songbirds, and other pollinators have disappeared in the last century due to the replacement of local flora with non-native plant and tree species, and Therefore, the (xxxxxx) Neighborhood Council appeals to the City of Los Angeles, all applicable government agencies, public-private partnerships, and private parties planting in public space to discontinue the practice of planting non-native landscaping plants and trees except in situations where plants and trees are designed to produce food for human consumption or provide a designated recreational playing field, and henceforth these same parties only plant 100% California native landscaping plants and trees within the City, and specifically within the stakeholder boundaries of the (xxxxxx) Neighborhood Council.
  7. Update from the Ad hoc committee and motion:
    1. Survey
  8. Update from Budget Advocates – Co-Chairs Jennifer Goodie/Glenn Bailey 5 minutes
  9. Update from the LGBTQ Plus Committee- Max Kirkham, Chair/Lauren Buisson, Vice Chair. 5 minutes
  10. Update from Congress of Neighborhoods 2022 Congress. 5 minutes
  11. Update from DONE. Raquel Beltran. 15 minutes
    1. Zoom
    2. items from the August Monthly Update
  12. Update from BONC Len Shaffer 5 minutes
  13. Update from election committee for LANCC elections in July 2022. 5 minutes
  14. Update from any other NC regional alliance 5 minutes
  15. Announcements 5 minutes
  16. Adjournment-Meeting ends at 1:00PM