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Item 4:  Minutes for Approval:  6-21-22 Draft Minutes

Item 9:  Crime Stats from LAPD

Item 10:  Link to Council File 22-0560 (Municipal Lobbying Ordinance) | Link to Update (66 page document)
(Note:  These two items are not included in the printed packet due to the length of the documents)

Item 11a:  Election Information Worksheet 2023

Item 11a:  City Clerk Election Division Information

Item 12a:  June 2022 MER (Monthly Expense Report)

Item 12b:  Grand Vision NPG

Item 12c:  PVPLC-NPG-rev.pdf | 501c3-PVPLC.pdf

Item 13c:  Maritime Heritage Grant Project Proposal

Item 15:  Planning Committee:  Letter to DWP requesting more public EV chargers


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