The Board of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council is composed of the Executive Committee and the At-Large Officers. The Executive Committee is composed of five elected officers as listed below.

2019-2021 Governing Board
Executive Officers
Carrie Scoville – President
Louis Caravella – Vice President
Maki Villacarillo – Secretary
Charles Cooper – Treasurer
Matthew Quiocho – Outreach & Communications Officer

Board Members:

Linda Alexander
James Preston Allen
Carolyn Anderson
Frank Anderson
Eugenia Bulanova
Louis Caravella
Stevan Casares
Charles Cooper
Maria Couch
Caitlin Crommett
Matt Garland
Tamra King
Linda Nutile
Matthew Quiocho
Vicky Rodriguez
Carrie Scoville
Maki Villacarillo

Article Five of our Bylaws describes the composition of the Board and the term and duties of the officers.

Board Retreat Reports and Special Board Training Minutes:

COMMITTEES:  (Click on Links to view Committee’s Page)

From time to time the Board will also form Ad Hoc Committees to deal with issues that are not covered in our regular standing committees.  Current Ad Hoc Committees:

Approved filers for CeSPNC Community Impact Statements:
Carrie Scoville, President
Lisa DeNiscia, Vice President
Lou Caravella (Secretary)
Pat Carroll (Outreach and Communications Chair)
Javier Gonzalez-Camarillo (Planning and Land Use Chair)