A special thank you to those stakeholders who took the time to come out and vote on June 6th and June 10th.  17 Board Members were selected from the 21 candidates.  142 ballots were cast with 4 determined to be invalid.  Of the 138 valid ballots cast, the results follow:


New Board Members Chosen:
Carrie Scoville  97
Sue Castillo 96

James Preston Allen  87

Frank Anderson  83
Kali Merideth  80

Donald Galaz  78
Karen Ceaser  77
Danielle Sandoval  76
Debbie Rouser  75
Alexander Hall  74

Katherine Gray  72
Jose Guerrero  71
Grant Hartwell  64
Collin B. King  64

Debra A. Hunter  61
Andrea Serrao  54
Khixaan Obioma-Sakhu  53

Candidates not chosen at this time:
Michael Koth  47
William Scott Carter  38

Allyson Vought  35
John A. Napolitano  27

Questions can be submitted to:
Kristina Smith, Selection Assistant
1840 S. Gaffey Street, Box 165, San Pedro, CA 90731
or phone 310-918-8650.