This Committee is chaired by stakeholder Matt Garland.
Committee Members are:  Donald Galaz, Frank Anderson and Alexander Hall.

11/2/18 Update:

On Tuesday, the City Council approved new regulations for cannabis in the City of Los Angeles, including cracking down on unlicensed businesses. Read more here:

14-0366-S5—City’s cannabis procedures and cannabis social equity in-lieu fee and fee deferral.

14-0366-S24—allows the City to disconnect utility service to unlicensed businesses engaged in cannabis sales.

14-0366-S25would make working in an illegal cannabis business citable under the City’s Administrative Citation Enforcement (ACE) Program.

14-0366-S26enables the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) to barricade, padlock, fence or secure an unlawfully operating cannabis business.

14-0366-S27—proposes civil service classification of Building and Safety Inspectors for non-criminal enforcement of illegal cannabis businesses and other regulatory enforcement of commercial cannabis activity.

The City’s Department of Cannabis Regulations is working hard to be one of the lead agencies for Angelenos on all items related to the commercialization of cannabis in the City of Los Angeles. Also know that this Department works closely with the LAPD and the City Attorney’s Office on these activities. Also, by sharing some of this information, you help address quality of life issues and help prospective entrepreneurs and business owners obtain information on starting a business that can potentially help employ more Angelenos. 
The Department of Cannabis Regulations shared a few updates below:
  1. To register complaints or concerns on suspected unlawful cannabis activity within the City, Angelenos are encouraged to visit the new complaint portal by clicking here:
  2. For questions regarding the legality of commercial cannabis in a neighborhood, click here for the Guide to Adult-Use Cannabis for answers:
  3. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers please click here:
About the Department of Cannabis Regulations
The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Council for licensed commercial cannabis businesses within the City of Los Angeles. The DCR administers the business application process in conjunction with the Cannabis Regulation Commission, makes determinations related to non-retail cannabis licensing, administers and coordinates the audit and inspection processes for licensed cannabis-related businesses, and enforcing regulatory compliance of licensed businesses engaged in commercial cannabis activity. Measure M, passed by over 80% of voters in March 2017, gave City Council the full authority to regulate cannabis-related activity within the City of Los Angeles.  With that authority, the Department of Cannabis Regulation was established by ordinance on July 30, 2017. For more information about the Department of Cannabis Regulations please click here:
Other Documents:

There will be two competing Cannabis measures on the March 2017 ballot (below). One is sponsored by the UCBA Trade Association, a group of Prop D compliant dispensaries. The other is sponsored by the City Council.

    1. prop-d-dispensaries-sponsored-ballot-measure
    2. city-sponsored-cannabis-ballot-measure

We will have ongoing public hearings related to Cannabis regulation throughout the City, and plan to have everything in place by July, 2017:  Our next two scheduled public hearings/forums are on Tues. Nov. 29th @ 6pm in LA City Hall and Wed. Dec. 7th @ 6pm in Van Nuys City Hall (see flyer below)

Please also see the powerpoints below to get some context for the issues that will be discussed over the next several months.

  1. 14-0366-s5_misc_8-19-16
  2. 14-0366-s5_misc_11-2-16