What is a Bridge Home? 

A Bridge Home is 24/7 temporary housing for homeless individuals. Each site has private beds, toilets, meals, showers, onsite storage, communal areas, 24/7 on-site security, and caseworkers who will coordinate wrap-around services including mental health, job training, medical care, addiction support, and housing placement.

How is a Bridge Home a part of LA’s overall homelessness strategy?

Voters passed Measure H which is generating $355 million each year to provide a wide range of services to help people in desperate need. Proposition HHH is giving the City $1.2 billion to build thousands of units of supportive housing over the next decade — units that will be paired with services, so that unsheltered Angelenos can go home for good. While we wait for these new units to be built, a Bridge Home provides a temporary place to transition people into supportive housing stock that is already available.

Who are the residents?

People who have been living in nearby encampments who were identified through intensive outreach at least 90 days prior to opening the site and continuing thereafter. People will live in the Bridge Home until they are placed in supportive housing. Once a bed opens up, caseworkers will go to the next person on their list.

Bridge housing will remain standing for three years — enough time for the City to construct supportive housing for the Angelenos living in them. The supportive housing will be furnished with on-site security, mental health, employment, addiction, housing placement services, and wellness resources.

Are you going to have services on site?

Yes! The City and County have partnered to fund services for all residents of A Bridge Home sites that will help people move out of the bridge housing and into permanent housing as quickly as possible. Each resident will have a case manager, as well as mental health, housing, and substance abuse support — not to mention three meals a day, storage, a place for pets, and 24/7 security

What about everyone who doesn’t get into A Bridge Home site?

Thanks to the voters of L.A., the City is getting to work building thousands of units of supportive housing for our most vulnerable homeless neighbors over the next decade. But people who are living on the streets tonight can’t wait for new housing to come online. They need help now. That’s why A Bridge Home is helping connect people to permanent solutions today.