The Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council’s Outreach Committee hosted the first Alley Beautification Day on March 4, 2023.

Here’s a recap of the event from our Outreach Committee Chairperson, Barbara St. John:

“What a great community day, today was! We had an amazing turnout at our kick off day for our Alley beautification project!! Thank you all who came out to help clean our neighborhoods/alleys! We had members of both of our Boys and Girls clubs from our community, the CPR (Caring Proactive Resident) group, also central San Pedro Neighborhood Council members, some members of our Beacon House community, and some of our neighbors! It is so hopeful to see so many come together for such a wonderful purpose! Next ALLEY beautification day will be coming soon the date is to be determined! We would also like to thank Jocelyn Dominguez, and the Department of Public Works who supplied us with a lot of equipment, including a dumpster. It’s great to get support from our city!! Also thank you, Amanda Enriquez from CD15 Tim McOsker’s office for all of your help! Remember, if you see large things dumped or any graffiti, please call 311 or download the app it is so easy they will come and pick up any items! Just call 311 and Get it Done!!! Hope to see YOU at our next Alley beautification day!!” LINK TO PHOTO’S PAGE: