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Three thousand four hundred forty-eight days ago, I began a journey that is now coming to an end.

Every single day since then, I’ve had the unbelievable honor of getting up and going to work as your mayor. My gratitude for that is without end.

For nine and a half years, our city has raced ahead, breaking ground on new infrastructure, seeing new homes rise and new jobs start, and opening new vistas for its young people. We’ve faced challenges and heartbreaks that we never expected. And we’ve begun work that will only see completion years from now.

Throughout it all, I’ve been humbled by the trust you’ve placed in me and moved by the way you’ve shaped your own Los Angeles — this imperfect paradise, this symphony without end.

I’ve often said that the day I don’t wake up with a “pinch-me” feeling is the day I should leave City Hall. That day never came, but it’s time for my next adventure nonetheless. I’d like to leave you with a short video about the years you gave me as your mayor. It’s nowhere near a full record of what we’ve done together. But I hope it gives you a small piece of that pinch-me feeling too. You can watch it here.

My team and I also put together a book of the work we have done. I am sharing it here, and hope you take the time to review it and see the fruits of our collective efforts.

With love and friendship,

Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor