San Pedro, CA— Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn is lifting up new, long-range electric buses as a solution to a problem that has threatened the one-seat-ride Silver Line commuters who for years have depended on from San Pedro to Downtown Los Angeles.

In 2020, when plans were unveiled to electrify the Silver Line (also known as the J Line), Metro staff said that the limited range of the electric buses available would mean buses would need to be taken out of service and charged at Metro facilities located at the Harbor Gateway Transit Center– forcing riders to disembark and board a new bus to complete their trip to San Pedro.

Now, new longer-range electric bus technology provides a solution to that problem. Today, Metro’s Operations Committee unanimously approved a motion authored by Supervisor Janice Hahn and co-authored by Supervisor Hilda Solis, Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Mayor James Butts, and Councilman Mike Bonin, which will direct Metro to bring forward a change order to extend the range of zero emissions battery-powered buses for the Silver Line.

“Electric vehicle technology is improving so quickly and now we have these electric buses available that can carry riders to and from San Pedro and Downtown Los Angeles on a single charge,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “Harbor Area residents want the Silver Line to not only be direct and dependable, they also want it to be a zero emissions line that doesn’t contribute to the unhealthy air pollution they have dealt with for decades. These new buses are the solution we have been looking for.”

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