Phillips 66 Wilmington Refinery Revised Fenceline Air Monitoring Plan is Available for Public Comment

The Phillips 66 Wilmington Refinery has submitted a Revised Rule 1180 Fenceline Air Monitoring Plan to request the relocation of Point Monitor 2. This is to provide more representative fenceline measurements of hydrogen sulfide and black carbon levels at the refinery fenceline.

South Coast AQMD staff has reviewed this request and agrees with the proposed changes. The Revised Phillips 66 Wilmington Rule 1180 Fenceline Air Monitoring Plan with the proposed revisions is now available for public comment and can be viewed by clicking on the link below Revised Phillips 66 Wilmington Fenceline Air Monitoring Plan

Interested parties and stakeholders can submit their comments to through Friday, February 04, 2022.For additional information on Rule 1180 visit Rule 1180 Webpage

For any questions regarding the above information, please contact:

Dr. Andrea Polidori

Director of Monitoring and Analysis

(909) 396-3283


Dr. Olga Pikelnaya

Program Supervisor

(909) 396 3157