Sent on behalf of California Air Resources Board:  

The California Air Resources Board invites you to participate in a workgroup to discuss the Climate Heat Impact Response Program (CHIRP).


Date:           September 16, 2021

Time:           6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.




On July 30, 2021, Governor Newsom signed a Proclamation of a State of Emergency (Proclamation) to expedite clean energy projects and relieve demand on the electrical grid during extreme weather events in California. The Proclamation suspends certain permitting requirements to allow greater energy production during critical times when extreme heat events or the interruption of transmission lines from wildfires or other causes threaten energy supply. The Proclamation directs CARB to develop, and then promptly implement, a State-funded plan to mitigate the effects of additional emissions authorized by the Proclamation beyond ordinarily permitted levels. The mandate of the Climate Health Impact Response Program (CHIRP) is to offset these emissions increases during extreme heat events, while providing opportunities to further enhance and support California’s grid resiliency.


Workgroup Objective:

The mitigation plan, referred to as the Climate Heat Impact Response Program (CHIRP) is under development. The objective of this workgroup meeting is to seek input on the program’s guiding principles, initial program design, potential clean air projects, and how best to mitigate the effects of local increases of emissions, while providing opportunities to further enhance and support California’s grid resiliency.


Meeting material will be available on the CHIRP website.


Special Accommodation Request:

Consistent with California Government Code Section 7296.2, special accommodation or language needs may be provided for any of the following:

  • An interpreter to be available at the meeting;
  • Documents made available in an alternate format or another language;
  • A disability-related reasonable accommodation.

To request these special accommodations or language needs, please contact Derek Winters at as soon as possible, but no later than five business days before the scheduled meeting. TTY/TDD/Speech to Speech users may dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

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