In a new pilot program, the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District, in collaboration with the Port of LA and the City of LA Council District 15, request proposals from artists to design and paint two storm drains at 5th and Palos Verdes Streets in San Pedro.

We want to make the public aware that storm drains are intended to take rainwater straight to the ocean to avoid area flooding. Storm drain water is not treated before flowing directly into rivers and the ocean, making it everyone’s responsibility to make sure storm drains and waterways are free of pollutants. The Storm Drain public art goals include educating the public about pollutants that go into the storm drains and their effect on ocean marine life.

Professional artists, arts organizations and student groups are invited to submit their resumes, qualifications, and quick sketches of what they propose to paint on the two storm drains. Painted designs can include the sidewalk surrounding the storm drains and in the street. Paint and all materials used must be environmentally friendly, require non-toxic clean up, are slip resistant and not cause harm to the storm drain or pedestrians.


1)     You must demonstrate your ability to conceive, execute and paint a storm drain.

2)     Applicant organizations with artists under 18 years old, must be supervised by an adult.



Your submission and qualifications will be evaluated and scored by the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District Design Advisory Panel, consisting of local artists, the Port of LA and the CD 15 Office on the basis of the following:

  • Artistic Quality
  • Technical Ability
  • Thematic Expression of San Pedro’s connection to maritime life, the ocean and environmental stewardship



The San Pedro Waterfront Arts District will pay four finalists $100 for a detailed rendering of the proposed Storm Drain art, with indications of environmentally friendly paints to be used, color pallet and the proposed design of the art to be painted.


The two winning artists, student groups or arts organizations will be paid $1000 each for one storm drain. The painted art is expected to last for at least two years, and it will be the artists responsibility to refresh the paint during the 2-year pilot.



Please include the following in your submission:

1)     Artist Statement: brief description of your work as an artist, your interest, and qualifications for this public art program, as well as your experiences and approach to this project. (Limited to 250 words)

2)     Resume: a current resume. Artists teams, student organizations, or collaborative groups may submit a combined resume.

3)     References: name, address, email, and phone number for 3 professional references or someone who can vouch for you.

4)     Concept Sketch: a full color sketch of the proposed design in a PDF format.

5)     Images: at least 3 images of past public art projects and/or a website highlighting your work. All image files must be in a PDF format and labeled with your name, contact info and date.

6)     Contact Information: name, address, email, phone number.



  • Provide all documents electronically in a PDF format, in an email addressed to Linda Grimes,
  • Organize your submission materials in such a way to make it easy to follow and be read by those who will be reviewing your work.



  • All submissions are due on Thursday, April 15th at 5:00pm.
  • Selected artists or teams must be available to start work by May 7th, 2021.
  • Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

Linda L. Grimes | Managing Director | 310 732 0010

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