Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program
Open Call for Proposals

Deadline to Submit Applications:
Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 by 4pm PST

The deadline to submit applications to the Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program has been extended to Tuesday, Oct. 27th. Please review the Request for Proposal for details on priority funding areas, eligibility, how to apply, and what information to include in the application.
About the Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program
HCBF is committed to promoting health and creating a healthy environment for those affected by Port operations, and so we are pleased to announce a new solicitation for grant proposals from eligible entities as part of HCBF’s Healthy Harbor Communities Initiative Grant Program. The purpose of this grant program is to address and mitigate the impacts of Port of Los Angeles and Port-related activity on the health and well-being of San Pedro and Wilmington residents. This health-focused grant round is part of a larger strategy to bring resources into the community, support ongoing collaborations, and establish new partnerships that benefit the communities of San Pedro and Wilmington. Applications are welcomed from any group, companies, or organizations seeking to offset the impacts of port-related operations on the health and welfare of the surrounding communities.

For this grant program, HCBF intends to distribute up to a total of $250,000 in grant awards. We anticipate awarding multiple applications. Applicants will likely be more competitive if their respective submitted proposal meets the listed eligibility criteria, aligns with program goals, and effectively leverages matched funding. The inclusion of a matched-funding provision will extend the limited impact that HCBF funding awards can provide and expand the potential pool of engaged and participating organizations in these community improvement efforts. HCBF hopes to work with partners to leverage grant funds with support from other entities to better serve the communities of Wilmington and San Pedro.

Read the Request for Proposals
How to Submit an Application
The grant application submission process is exclusively online through Submittable. We do not accept paper-based or e-mail submissions.

To submit your project proposal, please visit the application portal, create a Submittable log-in, and submit your request. You can save your work and upload attachments through the form.  Please note that HCBF does not have access to user accounts or the ability to troubleshoot technical issues. Please contact Submittable directly with any technical concerns.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Tamanna Rahman at or call us at 310-997-7116.