No changes for Eviction Protections for residential renters in City of LA.

Residential renters in the City of LA: you cannot be evicted right now, if you can’t pay your rent due to illness, loss of work, or other COVID-related circumstances. As of September 1, that will not change.

However, if someone tries to tell you or someone you know otherwise, or tries to give you an eviction notice, please don’t just ignore it. Instead, make sure you get the protections you deserve by doing these two things:

1. File a report with the City of LA’s Housing Department on their website at, or by calling their hotline at 1-866-557-7368

2. Get legal help – help is available at no cost through the lawyers participating in the City’s LA Represents program. Learn more and get help at

More details and resources can be found on this Housing Department one pager on COVID and evictions notices. Please download it, and share it with your loved ones, neighbors, and stakeholders.

Still have questions? Please call the Housing Department at 1-866-557-7368, or visit their website at at


You may have heard that the Judicial Council of California recently voted to end their emergency moratorium on evictions in this state on September 1. They did, but that has no impact on the City of Los Angeles’ evictions protections for residential renters, which remain in place.

The Judicial Council is the policy-setting body for the judicial branch of the state government, and that moratorium was a temporary one. Case processing was put on hold, to allow state lawmakers time to develop a longer-term solution for all Californians, which is in currently the works.