Note: Neighborhood Councils from throughout the city come together regularly, sometimes by region, sometimes by issue, sometimes citywide, and always with a louder representative voice. Neighborhood Councils have significant opportunities to work with regional and citywide organizations in addressing issues, taking positions, and engaging their communities and City Hall. 

On Tuesday, January 30th, the Neighborhood Councils Homelessness Alliance had their first meeting of the year. The agenda was packed with many great presenters, and the Homelessness Liaisions provided input and feedback on how they are tackling homeless issue. We started off on a sad note and learned that the Mayor’s Homelessness Policy Director, Alisa Orduna, is leaving and will become the Homelessness Policy Director in the City of Santa Monica. Alisa was instrumental in getting the Alliance started and has brought us many great speakers and resources.

Presentations were made by:

  • Daniel Tamm from the Mayor’s office encouraging the liaisons to get involved with the Mayor’s Days of Compassion.
  • Brett Shears, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment shared a survey that would gather data from Neighborhood Councils about their best practices and challenges in addressing homelessness. The liaisions gave great input and the feedback will be incorporated into the survey that will be sent out in February.
  • Jonathan Hans, Los Angeles Homelessness Service Authority (LAHSA) gave an update on the 2018 Homeless Count.
  • Alexa Roman, League of Women Voters, and Janet Kim, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council are part of the SELAH coalition and they shared a pamphlet explaining Permanent Support Housing. Additionally, they presented the “Yes in my LA”.  This campaign equips NC members with the tools to speak to stakeholders about housing first.
  • Frank Romero, United Way, spoke about the “All In” campaign that focuses on supportive housing.  He shared a touching video that spoke of all the wonderful benefits of the housing first model.  It highlighted a success story of a homeless family that did get Permanent Supportive Housing. Frank also shared a powerpoint that highlighted a strategic plan to talk to the community about Permanent Supportive Housing.
  • Simone Best, West Hills Neighborhood Council, gave an update on 2 Council Files where the Neighborhood Councils can file Community Impact Statements.
  • Meg Barclay, Homeless Coordinator of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) gave an update on the status of a few of the propositions such as Prop H. and Prop. HHH.
  • Mike Fong from EmpowerLA asked if the Homelessness Liaisons would be interested in having a one day workshop on Housing, and the crowd was very supportive.
  • Representatives from Council Harris-Dawson’s office along with Department of Neighborhood Empowerment staff supported the meeting. Next meeting is scheduled in April. Date: TBA
  • Lastly there will be a survey going out to NC members about homeless issues and a Civic University centered around bringing the faith community together with the focus of ending homelessness.”