As a point of reference during the February 23, 2017, meeting of the City Planning Commission (CPC), the following changes were made to the Department’s draft ordinance:
·         Effective date: The effective date for the Linkage Fee was extended from 90 days to 180 days after adoption.
·         Exemption for nonresidential: The threshold for exemption was reduced from 25,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. A provision was removed which exempted any ground floor nonresidential floor area required through zoning ordinance, Specific Plan, Community Plan, Pedestrian Overlay Zone, or other City policy.
·         Multiple-dwelling building with 5 or fewer units: The exemption was replaced with a requirement that multi-family projects with 5 or fewer units pay a fee amount of $1 per square foot.
·         Exemption for governmental or institutional projects: This exemption was clarified to specify: “Any Development Project being constructed by a government or public institution….” and include language to exempt private K-12 schools “which do not discriminate.”
·         Single-family thresholds: The threshold for an exemption for additions, new construction, and replacement of single-family detached homes was reduced from 2,000 sq. ft. to 1,500 sq. ft.
·         Exemption for grocery stores: The exemption was refined to apply only to grocery stores which are not located within ⅓ mile of an existing grocery store use, rather than to all grocery stores.
·         Mixed Use Deduction: The amount of floor area of nonresidential use in a mixed-use building that is deducted from the fee amount was reduced from 25,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft.
·         Fee Calculation: For residential uses, the Linkage Fee shall be calculated based on the total floor area of the project, rather than excluding common areas.
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