Did you know that LADWP’s power reliability is better than most of its peer utilities in the State of California? It’s true. We reliably provide power to more than 1.4 million residential and business customers in the City of LA, and another 5,000 more customers in the Owens Valley each year 24/7/365. We’re proud of our performance.  But, we want to do better. While the frequency and duration of power outages have declined in recent years, we need to ramp-up investment in maintaining and replacing parts of our grid that are aging quickly to keep LA’s electric system healthy far into the future.

Our Power Infrastructure Plan (PIP) explains how we are tackling the city’s aging generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure while increasing our use of renewable energy to improve the environment, while meeting regulatory mandates. The PIP presents a realistic picture of the status of our power infrastructure poles, crossarms, distributing stations, distribution lines, generating stations and transformers.  Please check out the PIP for yourself and share our video on the topic. We think you’ll agree that our current efforts and future investments in our power system are key to LA’s economic and environmental future.


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