The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is proposing a water and power rate increase to take affect over the next 5 years. This proposed increase would be used to invest in infrastructure replacement and upgrades to maintain reliability, continue the transformation of our water and power supplies to meet mandates and protect against drought and natural disasters, and improve the overall customer experience, all while committing to keep rates low in comparison to other utilities.

LADWP has begun a four-month effort to reach as many customers and stakeholder groups as possible to discuss the needed investments and get input. As part of this outreach, we launched a new website, Please visit the site to sign up so you can stay informed on the rates proposal, upcoming community meetings, and to learn more about the planned infrastructure investments and how we will keep our rates among the lowest in the industry.

Please join us, and tell your friends. Visit today and on a regular basis. Attend our public meetings, hear from our team and share your input. Stay up to date on the very important topic of water and power infrastructure investments and rates.

LADWP Drinking Water Quality Report Available:

In 2014, the water supplied in the city of Los Angeles met or surpassed all drinking water standards set by the US EPA and California. To view LADWP’s 2014 Drinking Water Quality Report and get more information on the quality of the water you receive, go to To receive a copy of this report in the mail, please call the Water Quality Office hotline at (213) 367-3182 or submit a request to

LADWP has moved into a new era of ensuring high-quality water and a state-of-the-art water system to serve future generations. To learn more about your investment in water quality improvements and infrastructure renewal visit today.