Link to:  HI_Zone_ FAQ_and_Ordinance

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is preparing a Zoning 
Code amendment to create a new Hybrid Industrial Live/Work (HI) Zone.The draft code amendment ordinance is attached here and is also 
posted on the web at under “What’s New”.

The City is not applying the new zone to any specific property at 
this time, but instead is creating a new zone in the code that could be used in the future to regulate a new mix of uses that includes 
light industrial and live/work uses.  This proposal is derived from 
a long-standing recognition of the need for a broader range of 
industrial zones, including one focused on regulating industrial 
mixed-use environments.

The Department of City Planning invites you to attend an Open House 
to learn more about the draft ordinance.  The Open House will be 
held on Monday, June 22, 2015, from 6PM-8PM, at the Caltrans 
District 7 Headquarters located at 100 S. Main Street, 1st Floor, 
Los Angeles, CA 90012 in Conference Room #1.037.  We appreciate your input and hope you are able to attend.  Comments and questions are 
encouraged and should be directed to Bryan Eck at