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Tree Planting Project Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the City getting money for trees?

This is a grant-funded tree planting program; City funds are not being diverted from other important projects. The grant covers the cost of the tree/s, tree planting, and all the additional materials needed such as stakes and ties.

What do I need to do to get a free tree?

Sign a permission-to-plant postcard or an online permission form at Encourage your neighbors to sign a form, too. Tree adopters do need to water the trees.

Where will the trees go?

The trees will be planted in the parkway, the area between the curb and the sidewalk.

All locations will be surveyed before planting and some sites may not be suitable due to parkway size, infrastructure, or other limitations. Within the City’s guidelines for tree spacing, a site could receive more than one tree.

Concerned about appropriate choices?  Every effort is made to plant the right tree in the right place and large trees will not be planted in small parkways or under power lines.

I was hoping to get trees for my private property, is that possible?

Yes, the Million Trees LA program is offering up to seven free trees for a residence.  Go online at or call 213 473.9950 for more details about trees for your private property.

What types of trees are available through this project?

A list of approved street trees is available at:

This list is for your information; specific tree species requests are noted but cannot be guaranteed.

Can I get a palm tree planted? Will you put in a ficus?

There are no palm trees or ficus trees planted through this grant project.

I am a renter, can I sign for a tree?

Yes, a renter may sign for a tree but please discuss planting a tree with the property owner/manager before sending in the permission to plant form.

Can a tree be planted next to my light pole? Why would I not be able to get a tree in my parkway?

This list has the minimal tree-planting distance from various infrastructure:

Water and gas meters – 6’
Transit shelters – 10’
Driveway aprons and crosswalks – 6’
Fire hydrants – 10’
Street lights – 20’
Electrical power poles – 20’
Alley entrances – 20’
Intersections (from curb line intersection) – 45’
Railroad tracks – 100’

 How do I care for my new tree?

Here is a helpful link to basic tree care guidelines:

Who can I talk to about this project?

Amy Schulenberg
Environmental Services Group
213-485-0527 or