The Developer gave a 45 minute presentation and then 45 minutes were allotted to “organized opposition”. Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council was the primary opposition and they spoke of their concerns (NWSPNC President’s Letter to Planning Dept. in response to the FEIR)

Others also spoke primarily expressing concern about: increased traffic, gated community, lack of public space within the community and an appeal to utilize the riparian nature of the land at the South end of the property to enhance water flow and appearance to the community. Others were able to take 2 minutes each to express their points of view. Finally the developer was given 2 minutes to respond.

Two points he made were 1) that their plan proposed many areas and intersections where traffic mitigations would be implemented so there would be no significant change in traffic; and 2) that their surveys indicate that the market place calls for a gated community and also that the community is already gated! Although the developer was prepared to respond with more rebuttals he quickly reached the end of his allotted 2 minutes.

This sub-committee will deliberate and provide it’s report to the greater Planning Commission on Sept 12.

DISCLAIMER:  The above statement was not taken by an official note taker and is the personal statement of the President of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council who attended the meeting. This is not a statement from the entire Board of the Central SPNC.